The Crew

Capt. McLellan met Capt. Shannon Carleton when she was hired on as delivery crew from Portland, Maine to the Virgin Islands. Having no more than a handshake and a verbal resumé between them, Cameron and Shannon set sail on a Monday in November. They were engaged 6 days into the passage, and married less than a year later.

Capt. Cameron McLellan was an offshore fisherman for 37 years. Born and raised in Maine, he has fished everywhere from the Gulf of Maine to the Behring Sea, Iceland, and Chile. He is a sixth-generation fisherman, and one of the few captains to successfully lead a crew through the Perfect Storm (1991) while fishing off George’s Bank, Newfoundland. Between fishing trips, he sailed catamarans across the Atlantic, and eventually decided to sell his fishing boats and leave the commercial fishing industry behind him.

Capt. Shannon McLellan has been sailing the passage between New England and the Caribbean for 17 years. Holding a degree in Environmental/Marine Science yet having a sincere love for the hospitality industry, entertaining guests onboard is second nature. The charter world provides a beautiful balance between seamanship and hospitality.

Dylan Renkens came onboard as a server for family who regularly sails aboard Heron.  He was a natural fit with the crew.  His attention to detail was so extraordinary, he was hired immediately as full time crew and has been sailing aboard Heron ever since.

Dylan has 18 years experience working with some of the finest chefs, caterers, and his own Manhattan-based clients who frequent the Hamptons in the summer and are regulars aboard Heron.

Jodi Topping is as local as local gets for Heron’s crew.  She has grown up sailing the waters of Sag Harbor as well as the Virgin Island, and in addition to years of catering in private homes she has crewed aboard Heron on and off since the very beginning.

Andy is the ship’s dog.  She is a Coconut Retriever from the island of St John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Cameron and Shannon adopted her from St John Animal Rescue in April of 2013 and sailed her 1500nm back to Sag Harbor.  She is quite possibly the sweetest of all creatures, respectfully staying by her captain’s side at all times.

Each of Heron’s crew were drawn to her, creating the extraordinary energy felt onboard. Skipper, Mate and Steward seem to have been chosen by the yacht herself..